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Shoreline Property Report Ordering Instructions

Ontario Shore Land Work Permits

MLPOA Nominating Committee

Our Board of Directors is looking for new volunteers to join the Board and work on behalf of the property owners of Mountain Lake. Our Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the 2017-2018 term. Please submit your nominations by email or in writing to any committee member – Howard Clarke, Steve Taylor, Bruce MacMillan or Geoff Byford. Elections are held at the Annual Members Meeting on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Board meetings take place once in the Spring and Fall with the Annual Members Meeting in late June of each year.
We look forward to your submission and appreciate your interest.

MLPOA Annual Members Meeting

Our annual general meeting will take place on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Pepper Mill. Coffee and refreshments will be served at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. Julia Sutton will give a presentation on Shoreline Naturalization as a follow-up to the Love Your Lake program. Please mark this on your calendar.

Mitigating Flooding on the Gull River

Article in the Minden Times

Billboards on Hwy 35

Your MLPOA Board of Directors is dismayed with the proliferation of billboards along highway 35 and elsewhere in Haliburton County. On May 14th, 2016 a letter in this regard was sent to Laurie Scott, M.P.P. A response was promptly received from her office describing the government's highway corridor sign policy and prescribed requirements for "bush country" billboards. The reply indicated that the government has no intention of restricting the number of billboards or reversing the corridor sign policy. Constituents are therefore encouraged to communicate their opinions directly to their elected representatives so that this matter might become an election issue.

Loons on Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake has been home to a family of loons this summer; it appears that two chics have been raised. Photos appear on our Gallery Page. When you are boating, please be observant for these loons and give them plenty of space.

Hydroelectric Proposal at the Horseshoe Lake Dam

Orillia Power Generation Corporation is proposing a 3.0 to 3.5 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric generating station just below the Horseshoe Lake Dam. A public information and consultation session was convened at the Minden Hills Council chamber on July 16, 2015. For details about this proposal and the approval process, please see

Suzuki Blue Dot Movement

Environment Haliburton is the lead local organization for the Suzuki Blue Dot Movement in Haliburton County. The Blue Dot Movement is a national campaign to have our right to a safe and healthy environment enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. A petition campaign will gather grass root citizen support, and local governments will also be asked to "recognize its citizens' rights to a healthy environment." For more information about this initiative, please see Blue Dot Movement overview here.

Parks Canada Answers Questions about Water Flow and Water Level Management During the Pan Am Games

The Minden Times article on May 28, 2015 communicates answers from Parks Canada about water flow and water level management during the Pan Am Games in July. To see the full article, click here.

CEWF to Address New Municipal Councils

The CEWF intends to follow up with newly elected municipal councils early in 2015 about watershed water management issues of concern to ratepayers. Agenda issues include water quality and environmental protection, new flood plain mapping initiatives, preferred water level ranges and water level management for reservoir and flow through (RAFT) lakes, and furthering advocacy at the federal and provincial levels about water resource management and infrastructure renewal/replacement.

CEWF Open Letter to 2014 Municipal Election Candidates

The CEWF has written an Open Letter addressed to the candidates in all of the municipal jurisdictions that govern the territory of the Trent Severn Waterway – Haliburton Sector. This letter solicits candidates positions on water related issues and is intended to serve as a basis for informed discussions. Please visit the CEWF website, to link to the open letter. Also, please watch this site for responses from the candidates.

Update from the Reeve to MLPOA Members

Reeve Barb Reid, who spoke at our AGM on June 21st 2014, has submitted an information update to MLPOA members. To view her report on issues of concern to waterfront ratepayers, click here.

Our Minden Hills

A web site has been established for open dialogue between registered candidates for the 2014 Municipal Election and voters in Minden Hills. To learn more about local election issues and to participate in the dialogue, please visit

Shoreline Preservation and Improvement

The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners' Associations (CHA) has created a web page with excellent information on the importance of natural shorelines; it includes resource documents and need-to-know guidance about shoreline stewardship and healthy lakes. The web page also has links to two excellent videos titled Ribbon of Life and Beginner's Guide to Shoreline Stewardship. To access this CHA resource material, click here.

Adopt-a-Highway Program

In 2011, community minded members of your Association adopted a 2 km stretch of Highway 35 that is the primary access and gateway to many of our Mountain Lake homes and cottages. This stretch of highway is beautified twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Many hands make light work, and the occasions are always an excuse for camaraderie, wholesome food and cold refreshments when our work is done. If you wish to join the adopt-a-highway crew for a Spring or Fall clean-up, please contact Ginny Scotto at To view the Certificate of Appreciation issued by the Province of Ontario to MLPOA Adopt-a-Highway volunteers, click here.

OPP Billing Reform

Haliburton County residents are urged to communicate with our MPP and the Premier about the proposed OPP billing reform that could result in a very significant municipal tax increase in 2015. To read more information, click here.

CEWF Preferred Water Level Survey - Update

Pursuant to Horseshoe Lake and Mountain Lake waterfront property owner input over 2012 and 2013, a report was prepared in October 2013 by Bill Cornfield (HLPOA ) and Geoff Byford (MLPOA) concerning preferred water levels on these two lakes. This report will be posted on the MLPOA web site once it has been endorsed by the boards of directors of both Associations. MLPOA Board approval occurred at the directors' meeting on October 18th; the HLPOA board meeting is forthcoming.

Preferred water level information will help the TSW understand the impacts of their operations on local waterfront property owners. In due course, it is hoped that a new integrated watershed water management model for the Trent River watershed will incorporate such lake-specific constraints that will reduce impacts of water level fluctuations, enable water transfer simulation studies, and facilitate development of flood avoidance strategies.

New Minden Hills By-law No. 13-54 Regulates Noise

In September, Minden Hills adopted a new noise by-law to regulate noise. Noise means sound that is unusual or excessive or that is unwanted by or disturbing to persons (e.g., excessive shouting, yelling or amplified sound, persistent barking by household pets, noise from the discharge of fireworks). The new complaint-based by-law prohibits loud disturbing noise regardless of the time of day. Consumer fireworks are prohibited outside of dusk and 1 am on New Year's Eve, and outside of dusk and midnight on the weekend prior to, directly following, or on the day of the statutory holidays Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day. Any person who contravenes the provisions of this by-law is guilty of an offence and is, upon conviction, subject to prescribed fines starting at $500. By-law No. 13-54 may be found on the Minden Hills web site. Mountain Lake residents are cautioned to plan their celebrations accordingly, and to always be respectful and considerate of fellow lake community property owners whenever noise can be an issue.

Minden Hills Official Plan Amendment

In July 2013, the Township of Minden Hills adopted a comprehensive official plan amendment (OPA 9) pursuant to Section 17 of the Planning Act. Members of your Board of Directors were involved from the outset in the lengthy consultative process, and submitted constructive written input towards the creation of updated environmental stewardship and development policies contained in the revised Official Plan.

In this regard, our efforts were successful on your behalf in adding Mountain Lake to the "at capacity" list of cold water lakes (Section, and in incorporating new policy requirements for water quality impact assessments (Section and Section Although existing development rights are retained on “at capacity” lakes (i.e., those lakes that are highly sensitive to further shoreline development), new developments are not permitted unless unique or special circumstances are approved, but only after a lake capacity impact assessment for the proposal (prepared by the proponent per the MOE Lake Capacity Assessment Handbook, 2010) has been evaluated by both the MOE and the MNR. Similarly, the OP amendment now contains a policy requiring a lake trophic assessment to accompany proposals associated with other lakes moderately sensitive to additional shoreline development. Again, MOE and MNR peer review shall be required as part of the approval process.

Your MLPOA advocates were successful in getting the need for these environmental protection assessments incorporated into new policy statements, and for getting the MOE assessment methodology standard referenced in the OP. However, your advocates were not successful with their further policy suggestions to mandate that the township's due diligence obligations to uphold environmental and water quality protection via the approval process be reviewed by independent third party consultants.

Minden Hills' Official Plan Amendment may be found via the Haliburton County CivicWeb Portal ( Sections of particular interest to Mountain Lake property owners (and those contemplating any property development projects) include Section 3.2, Waterfront, Section 3.4, Environmental Protection, and Section 4, General Environmental Policies. The document is well indexed for selective reading.

Township of Minden Hills Policy for the Provisions of Emergency Services To Properties on Private or Unassumed Roads

1. Purpose/Application

The purpose of this policy is to provide information to property owners on private or unassumed roads which informs them as to the standards that private roads shall be maintained in order to receive Emergency Services to their property.

2. Definitions

3. Policy Statement

The Township established this policy in order that the property owners serviced by private roads can be aware of the standards required for these private roads, in order to receive emergency services. In the event that private roads are not maintained to the standard as established herein then the provision of emergency services may be compromised and not be possible.

4. Private Road Standards

The private road standard must meet the following:

Water Quality Decline, Lake Stressors and Troubling Indicators

Terry Moore, CHA, spoke to the MLPOA 2013 AGM about reasons for declines in water quality in Haliburton's lakes, and he identified a number of lake stressors and troubling indicators. To learn more, please view Terry's entire presentation...See here.

CEWF Presentation to the MLPOA AGM, June 22, 2013

Bruce McClennan, CEWF, addressed the MLPOA AGM about the flood event of 2013, and about CEWF initiatives including the preferred water level survey. To view the entire presentation, click here.

Have You Renewed Your MLPOA Membership?

If you have not done so already, please visit the Members page to renew your MLPOA membership for 2013-2014. You may use this page at any time to update your contact information. If you have renewed your membership, your Association thanks you!!!

Safe Burning

Watch this short FOCA video to learn more about fire safety and safe burning at your cottage or rural property. Watch Here

Understanding Septic Systems and Their Care and Maintenance

An excellent educational video has been produced recently (2012) by the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Associations (CHA) on the proper functioning, care and maintenance of septic systems. This informative and humorous 22-minute video may be viewed here.

MLPOA Needs Volunteers!

Your Association always needs and appreciates volunteers to serve as members of the Board of Directors, and to assist as Road Representatives, Adopt-a-Highway crew members, as helpers at the Annual Picnic, and as helpers at the annual Golf Tournament & BBQ. If you wish to participate in any such capacity, please contact Geoff Byford at

Adopt-a-Highway Program

Community minded members of your Association have adopted a 2 km stretch of Highway 35 that is the primary access and gateway to many of our Mountain Lake homes and cottages. This stretch of highway is beautified twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Many hands make light work, and the occasions are always an excuse for camaraderie, wholesome food and cold refreshments when our work is done. If you wish to join the adopt-a-highway crew, please contact Ginny Scotto at

Ontario's Lake Trout in Peril?

Recent research evidence indicates that climate change related warming of coldwater lakes threatens native fish species. Read More

There are four main threats to the sustainability of lake trout species and the sport fishery in Ontario, particularly in the southern part of the province. Read More.